Case Study:

The Journey of EVE

EVE was established in 2017 and started the journey with the SMART SME Team.

Their jouney has taken them from Establish to Communicate in the lifecycle of a SMART SME. This case study will take you along their journey.


The creation of the brand encompassed what they company wanted to achieve.  Empowerment of woman, showing the versatility of enabling their customers with their service catalogue.

Defining the service catalog was one of the most important steps as it guided the partnerships and taget markets for the company.

The EVE Service Catalog consists of:

  • Recruitment Services
  • Software Lisening Sales in Security


With the Service Catalog Define the relevant partnership and reseller agreements where negotiated and put in place.

Creating Sales Leads based on their service catalogue it was managed using Hubspot to track the progress of the sales process

Operations | Accounting | People | Document Management | Communication

These functions are all handled by a single interface